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Social Media

Need help with managing social media? Being consistent with your social media is one of the key factors in branding your business. At Radiant Promotional Group, we help manage all social media in many different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. In our package, we offer 5 - 10 content posts per week that offer custom brand photography, custom videography, and custom social media management

creative photography service

Custom Photography:

  • Products

  • Portraits

  • Photography Edits

video, reels, videography

Custom Videography:

  • Reels

  • Video Editing

  • Voice Over

Custom social media management ppc

Custom Social Media Management:

  • PPC Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising) 

  • Content Strategy

  • Measuring Analytics 

In addition, companies will have access to their own dashboard where they can automate scheduled posts, analyze post performance, and a variety of social media accounts. We also include personalized account management for those who need further virtual assistance with their social media channels. 

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